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Bombay Sky Bar is a terrace with a Chill Out style and atmosphere where you can dine and have your favorite cocktail or drink in a unique place in Almuñécar. Located in front of the Mediterranean Sea and overlooking the imposing Peñón del Santo where its cross stands leading the 19 kilometers of beaches in Almuñécar. A unique and special atmosphere enlivened by the hands and voice of Eloísa Martín and her piano.

An ideal space for all kinds of events, from the most elegant to the most fun, always personalized to the client's taste. It has Wi-Fi connection throughout the terrace as well as a sound system and three 50 and 70-inch televisions .

At night a warm and cozy lighting that will transport you to a tropical space without leaving Almuñécar.

"A select place in an incomparable setting"

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