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  • Booking online is the most comfortable, reliable and safe way to stay with us

  • Enter the date of arrival and departure in the calendars or from the date of arrival, choose a number of nights.

  • Enter a promotional coupon if you have one.

  • Choose the number of rooms, the diet and their occupants.

  • Choose one of the payment / confirmation methods offered by the system:

    • Reservation request. In this way, you request a reservation that ensures its availability for 3 days, after which your reservation will expire. To confirm it before expiration, you will have to make a deposit payment.

    • Reservation confirmed with guarantee. In this way you confirm your reservation by entering a valid credit / debit card. No charges will be made on the card except those provided for in the general conditions and in the cancellation policy.

  • Once the online reservation process is finished, you will receive an email with the information of your reservation and with the instructions for its confirmation, in case it was not directly confirmed.

  • In the same way, you will be offered information about the cancellation of your Confirmed reservation.


Cancel your reservation easily.

  • To cancel your reservation you only have to send an email to indicating the locator number, name and surname.

  • Your cancellation and refund of the amount (if any) will be processed within the next 72 hours.

  • In the event that a charge should be made to your card as a guarantee, you will be notified in accordance with the conditions of the cancellation policy.

  • You can always contact us on the phone 606 44 00 40.


  • For us the safety of our clients comes first.

  • In the online booking process, your data is transmitted in an encrypted form, you can check it at the beginning of your address bar in your browser and check that the website is https.

  • In compliance with the data protection law, when you enter your card details, they are transmitted in an encrypted form and are hosted on our local server. Only authorized personnel can access the complete data of your means of payment or guarantee, leaving a record of who accesses at all times.

  • The rest of the reservation staff only contemplate a partial view of the numbering of your card.

  • When making the payment from the banking POS, you connect with the bank's security server and the transaction is insured and protected by our entity.

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